January 08, 2018 2 min read

“We Battle to Raise Awareness, Spread Yoga, and Have Fun!”

Battle Asana is a fun event created around the game Y-O-G-A (similar to H-O-R-S-E or S-K-A-T-E) where players go back and fourth setting yoga poses to be completed by the other player until one spells the word YOGA. The game was created to raise awareness and spread yoga. Through mindfulness the game Y-O-G-A inspires yogis all over the world to learn new postures, balance their strengths, and have fun with their friends. Yoga Asanas (the physical yoga moves) are challenging and come with consistent practice. We want to inspire everyone to practice yoga, be more aware, and discover what yoga means to you.

Our goal with the Battle Asana Event is to have fun, entertain, and raise awareness for the yoga athletes and their causes. We want to shine light on the yoga asana events that take place in the world and progress the sporty nature and lifestyle of yogi’s in a fun and exciting way. Alongside the athletes are their charitable organizations they have chosen to raise money and awareness for. Some have family members who are directly affected by and benefit from these organizations. We Battle for our mission to spread yoga, raise awareness, and keep yogis thriving!

What or Who do you Battle for? We love to balance out the fun with real cash money for the players and the causes. Its The Yogi WAY. Tickets to the events are donation based with a suggested min donation of $10 or more to be donated evenly to the players selected causes. We will also be selling custom apparel to help raise funds for future events, donations, and prize money.

Next Battle will take place Sunday April 23rd at 2pm at Bikram Yoga Richardson. See You there along with:

John Schoggins/Pachi Shanaberger/Henry Winslow/Monica LeBansky/George Diamond/Adriana Fernandez/Gil Perez/and Ainsley Ayres

Check out our Athletes and the charities they are battling to support below. If you choose to support any of these foundations, please help us spread awareness for their cause by sharing your contribution on social media and using the hashtag #battleforacause . Our athletes choose to support charities that are reputable, relevant, and impactful, and we hope you will explore some of these wonderful causes.

John Schoggins/ Legal Hospice of Texas / legalhospice.org

Pachi Shanaberger/ My Stuff Bags / mystuffbags.org

Henry Winslow/ National Alliance on Mental Illness / nami.org

Jennifer Mendel/ Those Texas Women / thosetexaswomen.org

George Diamond/ Shriner’s Hospital for Children / shrinershospitalforchildren.org

Adriana Fernandez Garza/ Angelitos de Cristal / angelitosdecristal.org

Gil Perez/ Conviction Yoga / convictionyoga.org

Ainsley Ayres/ For A Reason World Foundation /  farwf.org