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Within 12 hours you will be able to shop wherever and whenever you want with our online concierge service! (You will see your special pricing once you are logged into your online account.) Resellers receive special partner pricing on orders, as well as SEO back links for your website. If you have any other questions or would like to talk to a human call Jen at 386-235-4916 today or email team@WAYmat.com! 


 Yoga Studio WAYmat Testimonials

"I would like to say how much I love practicing on my WAYmat! I love that I have only one item to bring into the yoga room. The mat towel combination works perfect for me and my Bikram Yoga practice. I can sweat buckets, but there is never a pool or puddle of moisture on the floor during my class. The nubs on the back of the mat prevent it from sliding around on the flotex carpet and the generous size makes it comfortable to take savasana.  I practice daily, so my WATmat gets abused and laundered regularly and I am pleased with the quality and durability of the product. I proudly sell the WAYmat at my yoga school, and my students love their WAYmats for all the same reasons. The variety of colors makes choosing a mat fun and the bright colors are fun to practice with. YAY for the WAYmat!"

Julie Havelock
Owner, Director, Senior Instructor
Bikram Yoga Downtown Sacramento

"Our teachers and students are so happy with their WAY mats.  They are shockingly comfortable, beautiful, easy-to-clean, easy to travel with, and best of all, so much more absorbent and waterproof than any other towel, mat, or towel-mat combination.  We love them so much that they are the only mats we sell or rent.  In most of our Bikram Yoga classes, over half of the students have a WAY mat."
Ann Chrapkiewicz
Owner, Director, Senior Instructor
Bikram Yoga Capital Area, East Lansing, MI
"I absolutely LOVE WAYmats! They are the perfect yoga practice mat/towel combo…they’re soft and absorbent! I also use mine at the beach and as a seat cover when my dogs ride in my car. WAYmats have so many uses!"
Danielle Hester
Afterglow Hot Yoga
Missouri City Texas
"I chuckle each time I think back to one of my teachers trying to convince me to carry WAY Mats in our studio. My response was" A $65 mat? No one's going to buy that!!" 
Well 8 months and 90 WAY Mats later I guess the joke is on me!
I can't keep them in stock and have yet to have one returned for any reason. The quality is unbeatable and the variety of WAY Mats makes an eye catching display in our retail area.
 My order is always shipped within days and I've never experienced a backorder with WAYmat. 
Thanks for supporting Bikram Yoga Tracy with your excellent service and awesome WAYmats!!
Jonalyn Henle

Studio Director

Bikram Yoga Tracy
 Peace . Love . Yoga.
"I love my way mat! I was always a low maintenance rental towel and mat kinda girl. Tried so many of the other towels and mats in the market. Nothing converted me- until I met the way mat. After a couple of uses I found I didn't want to practice on anything else. It's so luxurious! And as a studio owner with zebra mat flooring, my students just adore it too! Wider than a regular mat so it holds in even more sweat and doesn't move around. A regular student today just started using one and said "It's the BEST thing he's ever practiced on!" Which perked up other students because they trust such a regular student. Get this mat for yourself and for your studio! You will love it!"
Adi Westerman, Owner
Asheville Hot Yoga and More!