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    Why, How, and What We Do.

    original manifesto + more

    "With so much drama in the world, we choose not to get caught up in it, and focus on our YOGA. We Are Yoga is here to REMIND you to NEVER GIVE UP on your YOGA and that Health is wealth, and AWARENESS is key.

    The root word of YOGA means to JOIN. We Are Yoga reminds us that WE ARE JOINED. WE ARE CONNECTED. WE WORK TOGETHER on many levels, with ourselves and with others; mind & body, heart & lungs, person to person, group to group, and country to country… We Are Yoga

    WAY supports ALL YOGA: students, teachers, schools, clubs, sports, organizations, federations and MORE — because YOGA works."




    est 2009

    We Are Yoga is a wellness brand that bridges an ancient tradition with modern lifestyles and puts the focus back on an authentic practice. We create mats, towels, apparel and yoga accessories that are both practical and high performance. Inspired by bright colors, street art, musicians, and our coastal community, we incorporate these concepts into each product creating a unique, yet simple design that amplifies your yoga, and simplifies your life.


    Supporting academic and athletic organizations that promote a positive yoga lifestyle is always our priority. We have grown into a community of people whose lives’ have been enriched through yoga and seek to share with others the value of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. As a brand, we host immersive retreats, workshops, innovative athletic games, and more with the intention of expanding awareness and inspiring others to find their yoga.


    We Are Yoga is founded on the principle that yoga is not simply a trending style of fitness, but a system that trains our behaviors so that living well becomes rooted in our daily routine. The beauty of yoga is that once you understand the process, it can become anything that forces you to pay attention to breath and become more present. You can experience your yoga on the mat, with sand between your toes, or while taking deep mindful breaths at your desk. Unfolding the WAY of yoga is limitless.

    - est 2009
    Will and Erika Jones (WE)

    Get on your WAY today!

    Learn more about our Yoga fam here.