Wind-Removing Pose: Pavanamuktasana

Purposes and Benefits:

  • Cures and prevents flatulence
  • Enhances body’s nutrient absorption by massaging ascending, descending, and transverse colon
  • Regulates and normalizes levels of hydrochloric acid in stomach
  • Alleviates most chronic abdominal discomforts
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Boosts functions of immune system and metabolism by compressing thyroid gland
  • Stretches shoulders and entire back side of spine
  • Improves flexibility of hip joints
  • Firms and tones muscles of thighs, hips, and abdominal wall
  • Strengthens biceps and hand muscles

How to Do:

  • Fully interlace all 10 fingers and take hold of right leg 2 inches below knee
  • Draw right knee out and down toward chest
  • Pull right knee to right shoulder
  • Keep elbows in close to body and relax shoulders flatly on floor
  • Tuck chin into chest and keep left leg firmly on floor; if left calf muscle lifts, flex foot
  • Hold pose for 10 seconds and remember to breathe
  • While holding pose, allow pose to work into right hip
  • Lower right leg
  • Repeat above steps using left leg and then relax into left hip
  • Raise knees toward chest and grab onto opposite elbows, hooking arms just under knees
  • If grabbing elbows isn’t possible, grab forearms, wrists or fingers
  • When pulling in knees, look down through diamond shape created between arms and legs
  • Work toward getting every vertebra of spine on floor by doing these:Tuck chin to chest to lengthen neck; Flatten shoulders against ground to extend upper spine; Push hips and tailbone down to work lower spine
  • Remember to breathe and hold pose for 20 seconds
  • Lower both legs slowly