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    Toe Stand Pose: Padangustasana

    Purposes and Benefits:

    • Aids in curing gout and rheumatism
    • Helps relieve arthritis in hips and in all leg joints
    • Strengthens joints, stomach muscle, biceps, triceps, and shoulders
    • Invigorates ankles, feet, and knees–especially effective for curing gout and rheumatism
    • Builds balance, concentration, core strength, focus, and patience
    • Prepares body for relaxation and stillness of next pose

    How to Do:

    • Remember to breathe
    • Begin in Tree pose and then hinge forward from hips while keeping standing leg straight
    • Distribute weight evenly through thighs, calves, and all areas of standing foot before descending
    • Reach for floor and transfer body weight to hands so that knees are protected as standing leg starts to bend
    • Keep standing leg locked, bend down to ground, and focus on a point on floor in front of you
    • Once you’re sitting on heel, walk hands back by hips, lift chest, and straighten spine
    • If foot of folded leg slips, hold foot with opposite hand
    • Maintain balance by visually focusing on floor about 2 feet away and by using core strength to straighten spine
    • Lengthen spine by pretending to touch top of head to ceiling
    • Bring hands into prayer
    • Breathe, stay in balance, and gradually lift gaze to meet your eyes in mirror
    • Engage abdominal muscles and inhale deeply through nose
    • Finish pose by doing these:
    • Walk hands forward
    • Push away from floor
    • Straighten standing leg while keeping its knee aligned forward
    • Once you’re standing, lower folded leg