Fixed Firm Pose: Supta Vajrasana

Purposes and Benefits:

  • Stretches into diaphragm and hip joints
  • Helps cure gout, rheumatism, and sciatica in legs
  • Heals and improves weak or injured knees
  • Lubricates and increases circulation to joints
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Tones thighs and calf muscles
  • Lengthens and invigorates abdominal muscles
  • Strengthens and enhances flexibility of ankles, knees, and lower backHow to Do:
    (NOTE: Experiencing difficulty sitting on your heels is completely normal.)


    • Start by sitting between heels with feet facing up and knees together
    • If knees feel sharp pain, separate them a bit, but ensure that feet are hugging sides of hips
    • Keep knees on floor throughout pose by doing these: Spread knees as much as you need to avoid straining knees; If needed, refrain from lowering your back all the way; Use hands to support body weight
    • Place hands on soles of feet with fingers facing forward
    • Lower back 1 elbow at a time, and then look back and let top of head drop back
    • If going all the way down, get back bend by lifting chest up and dropping head back before touching head to floor
    • Slowly put shoulders down onto floor as you slide elbows out
    • Rest upper back on floor
    • Raise arms overhead and latch onto opposite elbows
    • Push arms and shoulders down and then bring them flat against floor
    • Tuck chin into chest, press back with arms, and lift ribs up to feel chest stretch
    • Simultaneously ground knees and feel the stretch along stomach, hip flexors, front thighs and knees
    • Relax more deeply into pose by breathing, bringing knees closer together on floor, and pressing buttocks into floor
    • Remember to avoid letting knees lift away from floor
    • Hold pose for 20 seconds while breathing
    • Exit pose slowly by using 1 elbow at a time and ensure that head is last thing to move up
    • For advanced yogis, walk shoulders down toward hips and touch knees together