January 07, 2018 1 min read

 Eagle Pose: Garurasana

Purposes and Benefits:

  • Works into 12 major joints of body
  • Warms body and readies it for next 3 poses
  • Promotes health of central nervous system
  • Enhances lymphatic functions
  • Improves balance, hip-joint mobility, and immune system
  • Strengthens deltoid, trapezius, and legs
  • Reduces varicose veins

How to Do:

More detailed instructions 

  • Remember to breathe
  • Pull in stomach and keep it away from thighs
  • Position fingers below nose
  • Keep palms together
  • Enter sitting posture and maintain straight spine
  • Squeeze knees and thighs together in all areas that you feel contact between them to increase tourniquet effect
  • Focus body weight onto heel of standing foot and eventually eliminate gap between wrapped foot and back of standing leg