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Intermediate Series Class and Workshop · 4-Day Intensive Teacher Tune-Up · 1-Day Aspiring Teacher Workshop


105F Teacher Trainers Gianna Purcell and Kathy Durham



805 SW Industrial Way #7
Bend, OR 97702

Calling all hot yoga enthusiasts! Are you looking to step up your game and try out a challenging new Intermediate Series? Or are you a certified hot yoga teacher of the Classic 26+2 Series interested in sharpening your teaching skills?  Perhaps you’re a dedicated student considering attending a hot yoga Teacher Training?  We’ve got something for each and all of you! Connect and collaborate with your fellow teachers and yogis in an interactive group setting this fall at Bikram Yoga Bend!

Thursday, October 27th at 6:30pm

Next Level 90 Intermediate Comprehensive Class and Workshop

2 hours 

Price is $35




Salutations, inversions, hip openers, arm balances galore! Join us for a two-hour introductory comprehensive class and workshop for 105F’s challenging new intermediate class comprised of selected postures from the classic 84 hatha yoga asanas.

Friday, October 28th through Monday, October 31st

4-Day continuing education Intensive Teacher Tune-Up

Price is $399 (or daily rate of $149)




This program is intended for certified teachers of the 26+2 series who wish to:


  • Harness individual teaching talents, skills, and abilities
  • Establish a more present, clear, and engaging teaching style
  • Practice two Original 90 26+2 classes per day
  • Receive photographic posture analysis
  • Learn how to effectively exchange feedback with peers
  • Delve into the dialogue regarding posture mechanics, anatomy and physiology
  • Have the opportunity to lead a class and receive individualized feedback
  • Hang out with like-minded yogis in beautiful Bend, Oregon!

Sample Daily Schedule

9:00am Original 90 26+2 Asana Practice led by Tune-Up attendee followed by brief feedback
11:00am Posture Clinic (Topics include: Posture mechanics for the standing series; introducing major concepts (e.g., locking the knee, cobra tail, etc.)
1:00pm Lunch Break
1:30pm Posture Clinic (Topics include: Anatomy of the diaphragm and breath; Posture mechanics for the floor)
4:30pm Original 90 26+2 Asana Practice led by 105F staff instructor; pictures taken during class for the photographic posture analysis
6:00pm Dinner Break
6:30pm Teaching techniques discussion (Topics include: Designing your class; action based commands based on “major concepts” discussed earlier)

Sunday, October 30th 

1-Day Aspiring Teacher Workshop 

Price is $149 




This special opportunity is for dedicated students who are considering attending our 105F 26+2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training, and is part of our 4-Day Teacher Tune-Up program for certified yoga teachers. Our goal is to bring together certified and aspiring teachers who are interested in learning from one another and exploring the wonderful world of yoga together.

During this unique day-long event, you will:


  • Deepen your practice and understanding of the 26 + 2 series in preparation for attending hot yoga teacher training
  • Practice an Original 90 class, led by one of the workshop instructors
  • Delve into posture mechanics, anatomy of the postures, and key hot yoga concepts and philosophies
  • Collaborate and explore yoga concepts with certified teachers from all over the country

Your Trainers:


Gianna Purcell

Gianna Purcell

On a recommendation, Gianna walked into her first yoga class as a means to heal her back and joint pain and to end her two year streak of sedentary living. The results she experienced were astronomical and unexpected. After just a few weeks of practice, Gianna’s pain levels had noticeably decreased and within a year of practice she was off lingering medications. Two years into her practice she began advanced asana training and by year three was a certified Bikram teacher. As she furthered her practice of teaching and asana her thirst for knowledge grew.

As a dedicated yogi, Gianna has spent her time fully immersed in studying and practicing hatha yoga. Through her regular visits to her teachers Mary Jarvis and Emmy Cleaves, her yoga anatomy studies with Leslie Kaminoff, her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Alliance Certification through Yandara Yoga Institute, and her consistent practice of the 26+2 series and Ashtanga yoga, Gianna’s primary goal is to share the information she acquires with others to provide a deeper understanding of what it is we teach and what the most effective ways to teach it are.

Gianna is the principal teacher of 105F Chicago’s Original Hot Yoga and has helped to design and implement 105F’s teacher development program. She has designed their Smart 60 series and Intermediate series. She regularly leads advanced asana training sessions and classes, master classes, interactive classes, retreats, teacher workshops, and prepares competitors for competition worldwide. Gianna competes in asana championships and in 2013 placed first nationally and in 2014 placed second internationally.

“Every time I practice, I search for lessons. Every time I study, I crave my practice. In funneling through this cycle, my knowledge base continues to grow. My hope is to share as much information as possible so we can all expand and be inspired to better help our students.”


Kathy Durham

Kathy Durham

Kathy attended her first Bikram Yoga class in September 2004. All of her buried anxiety, frustration, depression, and suffering began to melt away with the first deep inhale and exhale. Eagerly supported by her partner, family, friends, and teachers, her first class quickly turned into 10 classes, 1 month became 3 months, and soon training seemed inevitable as she found the remedy to feel energized, confident, and on her way to feeling whole once again.

For more than 10 years, Kathy has focused tremendous effort and energy on understanding every part of her personal practice. Actively training and competing regionally and nationally allowed her to gather insight from all perspectives of teachers, coaches, and mentors. Kathy possesses a collective understanding of our yoga community and has built a platform of information from which she shares her knowledge and experience with others. She regularly teaches beginning class, leads advanced practice, retreats, workshops, guides teachers in development, and coaches competitors. The lessons she learns through her yoga practice keep her mind and body fit and agile to climb, hike, and remain active outdoors.

Continuous education has been the key to the foundation of expanding personal understanding and knowledge of yoga. Her participation in yoga clinics, workshops, teacher development programs, anatomy, and Ayurveda courses have allowed her to expand her own personal understanding of our amazing capacity to heal and improve ourselves every day.

“As a teacher, my greatest inspiration is driven by each student’s continuous effort and desire to further their own personal goals. Every opportunity to relate my perspective with students is motivation to remain engrossed, intrigued, and humbled by the gift of yoga, health, and wellness.”

All workshops will be held at Bikram Yoga Bend located at:
805 SW Industrial Way #7
Bend, OR 97702.

Recommended accommodations for 105F Teacher Tune-Up Weekend:


Hilton Garden Inn Bend (Old Mill District) 
425 SW Bluff Drive, Bend, OR 97702
(within walking distance to Bikram Yoga Bend)

Hampton Inn & Suites (Old Mill District)
730 SW Columbia Street, Bend, OR 97702
(within walking distance to Bikram Yoga Bend)

Riverhouse on the Deschutes
3075 N. Business 97, Bend, OR 97703
(discounted rates available, please inquire at teachertuneup@105f.com before booking)

Join our 105F team and hone your skills to become a stronger, more knowledgeable, and well-rounded yogi.

Spaces are limited so reserve your spot now! Email teachertuneup@105f.com with questions or inquiries.




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