January 08, 2018 2 min read

USA Yoga is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of developing and promoting Yoga Asana (yoga postures) as a sport.

Yoga Asana competitions originated in India hundreds of years ago and are still being conducted there today. USA Yoga is now bringing this spirit of healthy competition to the United States, where, according to the most recent study by SGMA, more than 22 million people practice yoga in the US today.

USA Yoga believes that the sport of Yoga Asana will inspire many of these practitioners to improve their practices and encourage many newcomers to take up the practice of yoga and the sport of Yoga Asana.

In support of our yogis competing in the Florida Regional Championship, we are excited to announce that Gianna will be with us the weekend of 4.1.16 at We Are Yoga! Gianna brings experience, knowledge, and the ability to translate her understanding of yoga to her students in order to help them better their own practice. In this spirit, Gianna will lead a pre-championship workshop on Friday, as well as a warm-up class offering championship tips the morning before the event.

Exciting News! This year we will be using GoPro cameras to film our yogis competing at the Regional. On Sunday, following the event we are offering a special session where our teachers will review your championship footage and break down your performance with you. The ability to see your body in motion lends to a deeper understanding of your yoga practice, which in turn improves your asana. Going over this footage with WAY teachers will be a fun, positive, new approach to move forward in your yoga practice.

We are bringing the WAY positive attitude to all of our yogis and champions this weekend and want to support you in creating an enjoyable, challenging, and beneficial experience at the FL Regional.


Friday, April 1st:

4:00 Workshop with Gianna

Open to all yogis

Regional competitors encouraged to attend!


Saturday, April 2nd:

Pre-Championship Warm-Up Class led by Gianna 8am

Regional Championship at the Flagler College Auditorium 1pm


Sunday, April 3rd:

YOGApro review and positive breakdown of championship footage with our teachers at     We Are Yoga

Cost: $25 per class

Contact us at weareyoga@gmail.com to reserve your spot today!