Intermediate Level II Class with Gloria Suen at YFPGH Fri 10/12 2-3:30pm
Including traditional hatha yoga meditation, mantra, breath exercises, and all leveled posture variations, the Progressive Hatha class integrates the classical 26&2 and 84 asana series with training movements to work on all sheaths of our being.

WAY Happy Hatha Class with Will Jones at YFPGH Fri 10/12 4-5:30pm
Come check out Will’s signature WAYhappy class and get to know the yoga poses from the ground up! This will be upbeat and FUN. He plays some light music in the background as he guides you through a fun sequence that works all the muscles, joints, and systems of the body and mind. Flush your system, increase circulation and be Happy!

Master Class with Mary Jarvis at YFPGH Sat 10/13 10am-12pm
Master teacher Mary Jarvis, one of the top yoga instructors in the world, will lead an extended 26& 2 class open to all students.​

Workshop with Zeb Homison, owner of YFPGH Sun 10/14 10am-12pm
Zeb will take yogis through a series of Yoga Conditioning and Cross Training exercises designed to strengthen your hot yoga practice. It's all about fine-tuning to take your postures to the next level of success!

Vinyasa Workshop with Gabriel Tavera at YFPGH Sun 10/14 2pm-4pm
Guest instructor Gabriel Tavera will teach a Vinyasa flow class to close out a fantastic weekend of yoga!
We invite ALL yogis to prepare a 3 minute or shorter routine demonstrating the best of your yoga postures! Please register HERE if you are participating. The registration fee is $35, which you can pay via PayPal below.
Judges: Zeb Homison, Mary Jarvis, and Gloria Suen

RULES: Each competitor will have 3 minutes to show a routine of 7 postures. The first 5 of those postures will be the same for each competitor, and go in the following order: Standing Head to Knee (pick one side only), Standing Bow (pick one side only), Bow, Rabbit, Stretching. Each competitor will then have 2 optional postures to include in their routine that best showcase your abilities. The PA Yoga Cup will be judged by Zeb Homison, Mary Jarvis, and Gloria Suen, three International Yoga Champions with extensive coaching experience.

Competitors: Pay BELOW via PayPal!($35 per participant, includes Tshirt)

Guests: Purchase tickets below! ($5 per attendee, space is limited)
Come watch some amazing yoga champions​ battle it out to win some cash toward their favorite charity! No posture is off limits! Viewers must purchase tickets (see button below)!
Battlers: Zeb Homison and Gloria Suen
Judges: Will Jones and Gabriel Tavera

Guests: Purchase tickets below! ($5 per attendee, space is limited)