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    Standing Bow-Pulling Pose: Dandayamana Dhanurasana

    Purposes and Benefits:

    • Exemplifies “tourniquet” effect because this pose transfers circulation from 1 side of body to other side and then equalizes circulation
    • Improves flexibility and strength of most of body’s muscles
    • Stimulates cardiovascular system
    • Increases circulation to heart and lungs
    • Opens shoulder joints and diaphragm
    • Eases frozen-shoulder conditions
    • Enhances spinal elasticity
    • Firms abdominal wall and upper thighs
    • Tightens buttocks, hips, and upper arms
    • Increases elasticity and size of lungs and rib cage
    • Improves flexibility and strength of lower spine
    • Reduces abdominal fat

    How to Do:

    More detailed instructions & Video here

    • Grab ankle joint and maintain firm grip using all 5 fingers
    • Bring knees together
    • Raise arm up and stretch it toward ceiling
    • Keep knee locked
    • Charge body forward
    • Kick and then feel spine arching backward
    • Visualize foot steadily moving past top of head