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TEAM SHOP 12p (Half Shop)

 Team Shop: 12 Products, up to 2 Logos for $299

Raise awareness/ Stay Inspired/ buy and sell YOUR products with no minimums or overhead.(none.)Concierge branding+Cool products = a Win Win.
The Low Down:
  • Custom Curated Collections for your brand, business, fitness studio, teacher training program, and more hosted on the WAY shop, and embedded on your website!
  • Leggings, Tops, Accessories, Mats and MORE available
  • Take the hassle out of designing and maintaining an online store, we provide collection designs and organize production, fulfillment, and payments
How it works:
  • You will be set up with an online Team Shop and account to make wholesale purchases for you, your studio and retail location.
  • Owners/Ambassadors will receive a custom affiliate code to give out to friends, family, and social media for 10% off all retail.
  • You will receive 50% of the profits on your customers online retail purchases made in your Team Shop (excluding wholesale and affiliate discount.)
  • Finally you'll just have to set up or link your paypal account for easy payment processing and you're done.
  • We reserve the right to use your logos and brands to design products and promote your team shop.
  • Collaborate with our team to design your ideal online store 
  • Opportunities for expansion with bulk ordering and improved pricing structures

***This package includes your 12 favorite products + pant design and logo placements up to 2 styles.

Ready to go?
Simply make your shop purchase and send us your logos! High Res is best but if you don't have it no problem!